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Characteristics of Honda Trading

Promptly providing links in an ever-changing global supply chain

Honda Trading’s biggest strength is the fact that it is the only manufacturer’s trading company in the Honda Group.
Along with the expansion in Honda’s overseas bases, Honda Trading has expanded its network in order to meet Honda’s growing needs, and developed its network to 59 bases in 23 countries. Through its global network, Honda Trading links approximately 3,000 customer companies and carries out business activities on a global scale. By maximizing the strengths of this network , Honda Trading is able to respond quickly and accurately to its customers’ diverse needs.

Connecting our clients Approx. 1,400 lines

Honda Trading has approximately 1,400 distribution routes, covering the whole world. We use these routes to collect and analyze information, including local and social trends and information on the market environment.
Through global operations that fully utilize the strengths of this network, Honda Trading is able to provide the best items for the customer, quickly and at low cost.

QCD - supporting our customers’ business

Honda Trading is proud of the balance it has achieved between Q (Quality), C (Cost) and D (Delivery) in its information, distribution, and logistics services.
In addition to providing high quality materials and products, we have constructed an efficient logistics system in order to shorten delivery times and achieve cost reduction. A global and flexible approach allows us to offer full support to customers’ production activities.

Offering total support to customers from upstream through downstream

Honda Trading contributes to the construction of competitive value chains through the provision of a variety of services, including raw materials, equipment and parts supply, steel processing, manufacturing of dies & molds, aluminum ingot, sales of completed products, and recycling.
By handling not just the procurement and supply of necessary materials but also manufacturing activities such as steel sheet processing, aluminum smelting, inspection equipment manufacturing, and die & mold manufacturing, we provide high quality support that goes above and beyond ordinary trading firms.

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