Honda Trading


About Us

We are a company that “links” customers with goods

Our bases worldwide provide total business support

countries and regions 23
bases 59
total number of employees

As of February 2019

Honda Trading was established in March 1972 as the sole manufacturer’s trading company in the Honda Group. We have continued to grow by utilizing the strengths of our global operations, which cover 59 bases in 23 countries, to become a manufacturer’s trading company that is capable of responding quickly and accurately to customers’ needs.
Honda Trading’s role is to provide customers throughout the world with satisfaction and joy by contributing to the construction of competitive value chains through the provision of a variety of services, including raw materials, equipment and parts supply, steel processing, manufacturing of dies & molds, aluminum alloys metal, sales of completed products, and recycling.
We will continue to pursue efficient and creative distribution solutions and to possess an international perspective and strong regional information networks in order to achieve optimum coordination between customers and goods.

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