Honda Trading


Our Business

CBU Business Operations

We contribute to expanded sales of Honda products by selling Honda motorcycles and automobiles and by supplying spare parts.

We also offer support to dealers in addition to a wholesale business. We provide sales and after-sales services, and our goal is to provide the "Best Quality Operation" for customers in every region.

Business fields

  • Sales of motorcycles and automobiles
  • Supplying components for the motorcycles and automobiles sales business
  • After-sales service, etc.

Motorcycles and automobiles sales business

Honda Trading offers support to new regional motorcycles and automobiles sales dealers, particularly in Romania. Japanese and Romanian bases work together so that detailed instructions can be given on the handling of sales, after-service, the drafting of documents and customer management. These efforts have contributed to an increase in sales at all dealers.

We also work hard to improve the Honda brand by actively entering markets and regions which Honda has yet to penetrate.

Developments in each region

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