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Our Business

Equipment / Dies & molds

Honda Trading supplies the production equipment, dies & molds, machine tool equipment and consumable supplies required by factories across the Honda Group.

We make full use of our global network to carry out total coordination of equipment, dies and molds, and we coordinate everything from overseas feasibility study to equipment procurement, transportation, installation and maintenance.

Our expert knowledge and abundant experience allow us to make the best proposals to meet a broad range of customer needs, including support for customers’ overseas expansion and reduction in manufacturing costs.

In the Americas region, Honda Trading services include global machinery and die procurement, cross border logistics and communication management, warehousing and just-in-time delivery, foreign exchange risk management, project management, and trade compliance management.

Business fields

  • Procurement and supply of production equipment
  • Manufacture and sale of dies & molds
  • Equipment installation and after-sales services, etc.

Main commodities handled

<Equipment> Equipment and machinery for pressing, welding, painting, assembly, completion inspections, machining, polishing and molding.

<Dies and molds> Press molds, PO molds, metal mold casts and die casts, etc.


The strength of our global network

Our unique group network allows us to offer total coordination of everything from procurement through to installation and after-sales services; our specialist knowledge means we can deal with security and export control management and handle the relevant laws, as well as respond quickly and accurately to sudden changes.

An integrated service for mold manufacturing

We identify a manufacturer to suit the detailed requirements of each customer in consideration of the manufactured components and the location where the mold is to be used. Honda Trading contributes to the reduction of the total investment cost by carrying out overall management of the entire process, from manufacture of the die through to progress management and delivery.

Thorough quality control

Honda Trading works alongside manufacturers in order to improve management capabilities, including by introducing experienced engineers to manufacturing companies that it invests in, so that it can implement thorough quality control and progress management from the design of the press die, casting metal, inspection equipment or DC mold, through to processing and finishing.

Developments in each region

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