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Our Business


We globally handle central purchasing operations for steel materials. Through the effective use of coil centers located in each country and logistics networks, we supply steel materials to the Honda Group while ensuring on-time delivery, maximizing quality and competitiveness. 

We also utilize our global network to supply material flexibly with an eye to changes in demand.

In the Americas region, Honda Trading facilitates the supply of steel in sheet (coil and blank), pipe, and bar form to Honda manufacturing plants and their part suppliers. Through daily operation of Honda’s Raw Material Supply System we are able to minimize the impact of commodity price volatility and ensure a steady supply of steel products that conform to Honda’s specifications. Our closed-loop recycling process recovers and utilizes scrap as feedstock for steel production.

Business fields

  • Vehicle steel procurement and supply (steel sheets, steel pipes, special steel, stainless steel, steel powder, etc.)
  • Steel sheet processing (operated by coil centers), etc.

Main areas in which supplied materials are used


We have developed bases to meet the needs of Honda plants throughout the world and work hard to respond accurately to the needs of the Honda Group.

By systemizing the handling of steel materials through regional central purchasing, it has become possible to carry out central management of Honda steel materials and implement optimal inventory management in each Honda Region.

How it works:

  • Honda Trading determines how much steel will be needed by its in collaboration with its customers and Honda groups forecasts steel demand.
  • Honda Trading consolidates the orders according to stringent quality requirements then works with Honda-approved mills and processors who produce the appropriate materials for use by our customers.
  • Honda Trading performs quality assurance checks and coordinates just-in-time delivery to our customers.
  • Honda Trading has developed customized web based systems to enhance collaboration between supply system partners as well as sophisticated inventory optimization software to tailor supply solutions for both large and small consumption items.

Developments in each region

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