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Philanthropic initiatives

As a Honda Group company, Honda Trading promotes philanthropic activities in accordance with the Honda philosophy and policies.

In order to pass on an abundant natural environment and traffic safety-minded society to the next generation, the entire Honda Group actively promotes activities with the aim of building a society with dreams for the future, in fields such as environmental conservation, support for children's education, and traffic safety awareness-raising and promotion activities.

What we aim to achieve through Honda philanthropy

Through our behavior as a corporate citizen, we aim to share joy with people throughout the world and become a company society wants to exist, based on Honda’s Fundamental Beliefs, “Respect for the Individual” and “The Three Joys.”

Activities Philosophy

  • Contribute to society through “products and technology” by maintaining a global view point
  • Fulfill our social responsibilities with strong local roots as a good corporate citizen
  • Work to develop individuals and build a society brimming with meaning and vitality to pass on to the next generation

Activities Policy

  • Honda carries out children’s educational programs for the custodians of the future, with the goal of creating a society brimming with dreams for tomorrow
  • Activities are carried out to protect the global environment
  • Activities are carried out to provide traffic safety education and promote traffic safety

Honda Trading ‘Gives Back’ in the Americas

At Honda Trading Americas Region, we respect and value the communities in which we operate – and strive to give something back to these communities that will truly make a difference.

That's why our Honda Trading Americas Region Gives Back program is about more than just donating money to important causes – it's about truly adopting a spirit of community service.

Each year, we select worthy causes – ones that do not receive large corporate benefits or ones that deeply affect our associates either personally or through volunteering association – to be the recipients of our time and treasure.

Throughout the year, our associates participate in fundraisers to raise funds for monetary donations to our adopted charities, and we include our customers and the surrounding communities in select activities as well.

Honda Trading ‘Gives Back’

Developments in each region

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